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About Face Plant


I began Face Plant Skincare in my kitchen in 2012. A lifelong label-scrutinizer, I was always feeling let down when skincare products that billed themselves as "all natural" or "organic" were, in fact, full of unnecessary chemical ingredients--usually chemical preservatives,  thickeners and emulsifiers. Or, if they looked promising ingredient-wise, they often were so highly perfumed that they triggered my allergies. I began to study these chemical ingredients and synthetic fragrances through the Environmental Working Group's "Skin Deep" Cosmetics Database and other resources, and I decided I could do better. After more than a year of trial and error, I finally had products worthy of testing on my friends and family members. People of all ages (from babies to 83 year-olds) and all imaginable skin tones tested and retested these products. Their individual skin concerns and their suggestions resulted in the gentle and effective Face Plant products you see today. A plant-based diet is good for your body's interior; plant nutrition for your skin is just as good for your exterior. Happy planting! - Lesley Davis, founder





















See more about Face Plant on Bloomingfoods web site. Bloomingfoods is south-central Indiana's co-op grocery store.



Guiding Principles

1. If you wouldn't dream of putting it in your body, don't

   put it on your skin.

Your skin is your body's largest and most exposed organ. It gets pummeled enough by UV rays, wind, sweat, and pollution. Don't take care of it by feeding it daily doses of chemicals. Healthy skin is beautiful skin, whether it has wrinkles or freckles or (non-suspicious) moles. Just as eating a balanced and nutrient-rich diet makes you feel better and look better, using plant-based Face Plant gives your skin the glow of good health.

Here's what Face Plant Skincare products don't contain:

  • phthalates  

  • sodium laurel/laureth sulfites

  • parabens    

  • GMOs  

  • synthetic fragrances  

  • chemical preservatives

  • no animal testing


2. Use only the best, Fair Trade, sustainably-grown  

    organic ingredients

If you care about eating organically-grown and ethically-produced food, the same should apply to the food you feed your skin. We use only high-quality, organically-grown ingredients (certified organic whenever possible), and we choose the most effective, nutrient-rich ingredients for treating various skin conditions and types. Our African butters and oils (shea, cocoa, argan) some from women-owned, Fair Trade cooperatives.


3. Don't over-complicate skincare

Try as we might, nothing truly reverses aging. But we can do a few simple things to improve the health of our skin, and we don't need a pantheon of products to do it. Currently the Face Plant line includes six products: an oil cleanser, a toner, a moisturizing oil, a moisturizing serum, a concentrated balm, and a coffee & sugar face and body scrub. You can use all of them twice a day if you wish, or you can use a different one or two each day depending on what your skin is telling you that needs that day. Experiment with them all and see what works best for you!



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